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Sleepsosofts bedding is made from Rayon From Bamboo or our new Certified Organic Cotton that has been grown using an eco-friendly organic method, with no pesticides and no chemicals. Both these products help to prevent Bed Bugs.

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King Size Bamboo Bed Sheets for Large Beds

Bedding is no more just a necessity but also marks a mode for making a style statement. People nowadays prefer to show off their bedrooms with excellent decor rather than hiding them behind doors as a “no entry zone” for outsiders. Relatives and close friends are some of the invitees who are more than welcome inside bedrooms and who admire them if they are well decorated with proper bedding and draperies like curtains.


Organic Cotton Bed Sheets to Cool off your Summers

Cotton is the most common fabric used for bedding linen, predominantly for use during the summer season. It has several qualities which makes it one of the best bedding materials during summers. Though organic cotton is referred to as cotton in general but it is different than the former. Organic cotton yarn is extracted from 100% naturally grown cotton which grows without the use of any growth inducing chemicals or fertilizers.


How Bamboo Linen benefits your health?

Many people do not realise or are unable to comprehend the qualities that bamboo has. Probably the only species on this earth that discovered its worth are the cute Pandas, whose staple diet is bamboo shoot. But gradually people have realised that bamboo is worth a lot more than only for decoration purposes in their houses. We have been finally able to discover a way to justifiably exploit the benefits of bamboo products to our own advantage by producing Bamboo Bed linen.


For Anti Allergic Bedding Choose Bamboo Bedding

Allergies can be quite painful and those who are prone to allergic reactions to germs and micro organisms which settle easily on natural fabric understand the pain well. Allergies caused by fabric, usually refers to skin allergies and respiratory allergies. Some are allergic to dust accumulation; some are allergic to pests that are invisible to the naked eye while some may get rashes due to the texture of the fabric used as linen.


The Marvels of Bamboo Duvet Covers

Duvets are extremely soft quilts which are filled with goose feather or down or synthetic cotton. They are also referred to as comforters which are warm, fluffy and lightweight as the filler elements barely have any weight. Duvets are the best way for a comfortable sleep in a chilly winter. The fillers and the thickness of these quilts capture the body heat easily, keeping you warm throughout your sleep.


Grab your own Luxury Bamboo Bedding ASAP

Bamboo linen has caused a huge stir in the periphery of healthy and eco-friendly bedding material across the world. As more and more people are becoming environment conscious and opting for animal torture-free products, their dependence and demand of bamboo linen products is steadily rising. Unlike popular belief bamboo linen manufacturing companies now offer linen that is luxurious and of premium quality. They have earnestly worked towards creating a high quality range of bamboo beddings.


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