Discovering the harmful hidden practices behind cotton production coupled with a passion for eco-sustainability Sleepsosoft focuses its energy and drive towards providing a superior line of bamboo products which is far more sound from an ecological standpoint.

Bamboo crops do not require any pesticide nor are there any harmful chemicals or dyes that go into the process of manufacturing the Sleepsosoft line of bamboo products. As a result we take great pride in providing eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bedding and bath solutions. We offer bamboo and charcoal sheet sets and pillow cases, as well as bamboo duvet covers and charcoal bamboo bathrobes and towels all at a very competitive price.

Cotton products release a significant amount of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers in the environment for cotton production. These products are extremely harmful for the planet and many of them are carcinogenic. Cotton production has contributed to soil contamination, water pollution, greenhouse gases and much more. Certified Organic Cotton is an exception and is GOT approved.

Our mission is to make every effort to provide eco-friendly solutions while offering the utmost satisfaction to our customers at affordable pricing. We want to promote bamboo products in hopes to have more people enjoy what Sleepsosoft offers and save the planet in the process.