About Us

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Hi there!
I am Barry Mayoff and my business partner (Robert), two individuals with a passion for clean and comfortable sleeping.
We share a common belief, that sleeping should be good for you.


We started Sleep So Soft® in 2007. Wealways like working out, eating clean, and sleeping comfortably. One day while sleeping on a very warm night, my business partner began to sweat profusely;he has a very sensitive skin) the bed sheets or duvet covers didn’t help suck away the sweat (there were not very breathable). We thought that there had to be better bedding product out there, and searched high and low for an alternative bedding product. We then found bamboo bed sheets. At first, we were skeptical but we decided to give it a try and since then we have not had any reason to switch bedding fabrics.
Wediscovered that bamboo was sustainable and more eco-friendly than cotton (for green earth lovers) and bamboo beddings deliveredwithout needing chemical additives. Bamboos are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Click here to learn more about bamboo (Insert URL here). The environmental benefits of bamboo resonated well with me as I try to always make sound ecological choices.
Now that we discovered a much better product, I needed to get the word out quickly. Fortunately, I had a cousin who is a web designer and he helped me build a website and before we could make sense of what’s happening, we werealmost working every dayarranging orders for customers across the country.
We had a firm conviction that there were more people in need of the type of products I discovered, so we toiled away, shipping a full line of 100% Pure Bamboo Bedding fabrics and 100% Pure Bamboo Bathroom fabrics. Each and every one of these products has Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification and they are intelligently designed to deliver superior performance for a specific purpose, without using any artificial colors, or unnecessary chemicals (this is for individuals with allergies). Our new product line was a hit and we knew we were on to something huge.
Eventually, we got so busy that we started working on the business full-time. We dug deep, and learned everything we could to create the best online bamboo fabric store, always remembering our original mantra: that sleeping should be good for you.


Since then, we have continued to challenge myself, increasing the product catalog, expanding our team and growing our family of loyal buyers.
We still have a long way to go, and there is always more to learn,
…but we will always remain true to YOU, our loyal tribe customers.