Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Benefits Certified Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Sleepsosoft cares about your comfort and your night’s rest. It is this passionate desire that we have to help you sleep more peacefully that has driven us to offer incredible bed sheets that are beyond the ordinary. Our certified organic cotton bed sheets will help to reduce your exposure to common harmful chemicals, makes farming safer, protect the environment, save water, and increase your comfort level when you hit the sack at night.

Organic Cotton Bed Sheets Minimizes Contact with Harmful Chemicals

The standard non-organic cotton crop has always been popular. It is a cash cow for many corporations. As a result of their desire to protect their business interests, factory farms depend heavily on pesticides and insecticide. Reports show that almost 25% of all insecticides used in the world are exclusively used on cotton crops.

Purchasing certified organic bed sheets will also protect you from the various harmful chemicals that manufacturers of non-organic cotton sheets spray on their sheets before selling. When you sleep on regular linens, you are often exposed to formaldehyde, bleaching agents, chlorinated and brominated flame retardants among other chemicals.

This is why it makes so much sense to invest in organic cotton sheets. They are made from cotton that has not been exposed to harmful chemicals. To protect their cotton, organic farmers employ the power of natural pest repellents such as crushed tea leaves. When you rest your head on an organic cotton bed sheet, you can rest knowing that you are not exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Organic Cotton Makes Farming Safer

No doubt, organic cotton sheets are safer for you and your entire family. It is also safe for those who farm it across the world. It has been reported that the cotton industry employs about 300 million people across the world. Those who work on non-organic farms are constantly interacting with toxic herbicides and pesticides.

By placing investing in organic cotton sheets, you are supporting an industry that is not only protecting consumers but also the many workers who are involved in its creation.

Organic Cotton Protects the Environment

Cotton requires a lot of water to grow. this can result in major environmental consequences if pesticides and other harmful chemicals are sprayed onto the crop. These toxic chemicals are transported to the waterways near the non-organic cotton farms when it rains or due to the farm’s irrigation system. These harmful toxins then enter the water source and have serious adverse effects on wildlife and potentially drinking supply.

Organic Cotton Sheets Save Water

Organic cotton bed sheets won’t only protect our environment; they also save water. Compared to non-cotton bed sheets organic cotton sheets need less water to produce. Typical cotton bed sheets use up to 20% or more water than organic cotton bed sheets. This number becomes extravagant when you consider how many cotton sheets have been and are being produced across the world.

Organic Cotton Sheets Are Very Comfortable

Organic cotton sheets are super soft and will give you a luxurious feeling. The difference between a non-organic bed sheet and a certified organic bedsheet is very noticeable. This difference results in much more peaceful sleep and will have you thinking about your sleeping experience all day.

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