Immeasurable Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo Bedding

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Have you struggled to sleep in the warmest nights of the year? Even with the AC turned up, the atmosphere still felt humid and close.You felt your cotton sheet sticking to your skin like glue. Or, have you felt so cold in the winter even though you were sleeping under a sheet, a blanket and a comforter? Don’t you think it’s time you try bamboo bedding instead of the cotton bedding and experience yourself the immeasurable benefits of sleeping on bamboo bedding? Bamboo bedding will keep you cool in the summer and warm as toast in the winter. This article explains the incredible benefits of bamboo.
Bamboo is a very fast growing tree plant. This plant is harvested in China. The bamboo grass can grow as much a foot overnight without any fertilizer or pesticide. In fact, they require no replanting or reseeding to regenerate. Products made from bamboo are eco-friendly and biodegradable as the bamboo from which they are made does not require the use of chemical fertilizer or fertilizer for growth. Bamboo is the way to go for anyone looking to go “Green” and contribute in keeping mother Earth clean and green Bamboohas a unique ability to repel molds, fungus, bacteria and allergens, so they are hypoallergenic. The fabric is also anti-static which is wonderful in the wintertime. Sleeping under a bamboo sheet or comforter, wearing bamboo clothing or living on a bamboo floor, be rest assured that you have a fabric and a floor that will resist molds, fungus and allergens.
Bamboo is a grass plant of over 1200 varieties. Products made from bamboo plant such as sheets, floors, baby clothes, exercise clothes suck moisture away and they are biodegradable posing no threat to our ecological system. The wonders of sleeping with bedding made from bamboo like pillow cases, sheets, comforters and bedspreads areso phenomenal. Knowing that your little boy/girl will not be come in contact with mold, fungus or toxins when he/she is wearing clothes made from this bamboo will give you an invaluable peace of mind.
Barry Mayoff is an expert in bamboo bedding furnishings. He owns Sleep So Soft – a company specializing in bamboo bedding and furnishings. offers a wide range of bamboo bedding materials designed to give you comfort in your sleep. To find out more information, visit the company’s blog here