Sleeping on Bamboo Bedding Is Like Sleeping on Silk

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Bamboo bedding is like sleeping on silk without feeling like you fallen off your bed: silk is slippery and that can make silk actually uncomfortable. Bamboo sheets and blankets made with 100% bamboo fiber with at least a 250 thread count. Bamboo beddings will feel silky smooth and luxurious just like silk without the slippery effect. The bamboo fabric fiber keeps you dry and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
One of the best things about bamboo is that the more you launder them the softer they become. Since bamboo is a natural fiber, it has antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic properties. So if you have allergies bamboo bedding will be fit for you. Bamboos don’t attract bedbugs.
Another wonderful thing about bamboo bedding is that it is environmental friendly and completely sustainable. I discovered this type bedding throughmy passion for bamboo. I got interested in bamboo 30 years ago because of its looks, hardiness and its sustainability. As I became more aware of environmental issues, I began to bring bamboo products into my home. I am a lover of friendly environmental practices.
In case you don’t know, bamboo clears more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than most plants on the earth: it consumes more carbon and reduces greenhouse gases. Also as one of the fastest growing plants (grass) on earth, it can be regrown from the same clump roots(actually rhizomes), thereby needing no replanting or reseeding.
Apart from the fact that bamboo beddings are environmentally friendly, the form and functionality of this fabric makes it the best and only choice for many sensitive consumers.
It is important to know that bamboo bedding is not the least expensive, but it is well worth the price, and it lasts longer than cotton and most synthetics. If you’re interested in seeing some cool bedding go here:
Sleep So Soft. Live green, live sustainable. We specialize in eco-friendly and sustainable fine bamboo furniture and elegant bamboo and organic cotton bedding products that reduce our impact on the earth.